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Primary 3-6

through our signature SMART EXCEL Boot Camp!

In this 18 hours of Boot Camp sessions (per subject), we will prepare students for the Key Focus areas and PSLE & O Level English, Mathematics, Science & Malay. Students will also learn the critical exam techniques and skills to excel in examination. 

We have narrowed down & picked up the most commonly tested topics and questions that have the highest weight to help your children to score their best in the up-coming examinations. 

We'll Explore The New Thing

Creative Writing is an important skill that your child can apply to his/her composition writing.
With our engaging classes and the versatile learning resources we made available. We guide your child to organise and express ideas that will captivate readers.

Learn more about our online classes that are designed to instill the desirable habits of thinking and writing.

What Will Your Child Learn

16 Days

1.5h X 12 Sessions (18h)
  • Continuous Writing
  • Synthesis & Transformation
  • Grammar MCQ
  • Comprehension Cloze
  • Comprehension Open-Ended
  • COMPOSITION - Skills for each plot component
  • 15 Synthesis & Transformation practice questions
  • 4 Commonly Tested Key Grammar concepts
  • Answering Techniques for Comprehension Cloze & Open-Ended

16 Days

1.5h X 12 Sessions (18h)
  • Focus Paper 2
  • Targeted revision of Topics & Concepts for Maths
  • Essential strategies to solve challenging Maths questions
  • Common errors made by students & pitfalls o avoid
  • SUBJECT MASTERY Strengthen your child's understanding and practice questions on important mathematical concepts!
  • 40 PRCTICE QUESTIONS Be exposed to a variety of PSLE-type questions and practise time-management skills to that your child can finish the paper and even have time to check for careless mistakes!
  • MOST COMMONLY MADE MISTAKES & MISCONCEPTIONS - Be aware of the most commonly made mistakes that can help your child secure up to 10 marks in the PSLE Mathematics Exam!

16 Days

1.5h X 12 Sessions (18h)
  • Focus Booklet B
  • Targeted revision of Topics & Concepts for Science
  • Identifying keywords & learning effective answering techniques (CER Method)
  • Expert tips for acing the MCQ and open-ended sections of the Science paper
  • SUBJECT MASTERY Summarised notes with concepts and topics specific answering techniques
  • EXPERIMENTS-BASED ANSWERING TECHNIQUES - Master standard experimental based questions and secure marks in the Open-Ended Questions section.
  • MOST COMMONLY MADE MISTAKES & MISCONCEPTIONS - Be aware of the most commonly made mistakes that can help your child secure up to 10 marks in the PSLE Mathematics Exam!
  • EMPHASIS ON OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS - Curated practice questions to hone answering techniques for the open-ended questions section.

16 Days

1.5h X 12 Sessions (18h)
  • Karangan Tajuk & Karangan Bergambar
  • Imbuhan, Peribahasa, Golongan Kata & Frasa
  • Kefahaman Objektif & Kefahaman Subjektif
  • Rangsangan Grafik & ML Oral
  • PELAN BELAJAR - Pelan yang sistematik sebagai panduan membimbing murid-murid menguasai cara
  • KEFAHAMAN 1 & 2 - NOTA RINGKAS - Nota-nota berguna untuk membantu murid-murid menguasai Bahasa Melayu
  • PANDUAN BIJAK - Tip tip bijak untuk me
  • KERTAS LATIHAN PSLE - Kertas spesimen yang lengkap dengan kta Kunci

Contents specially designed by Smart Excel’s in-house curriculum team.

Very limited slots are available! Class size is limited to 12 students per class.

Unlimited revision, review & recap as all sessions will be recorded & uploaded on the Smart Excel student portal.

Moment From The Class

Teaching Team

Our team of passionate teachers strives to provide the best learning experience to all students.
Teachers undergo training under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications periodically for continual improvement and to keep their skills and knowledge updated. With this, they are better able to engage our students by providing meaningful learning experiences in a student care environment.

Parents are also a part of our team as we believe that they are the first teachers of their children.
Our teaching team constantly seeks feedback from parents to further improve themselves.

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