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The beginning stage of every student who has just started learning or has been learning but still do not understand the concepts and how to apply the knowledge learn.

The most important foundation for Starter is to use the right strategies to accelerate the learning gap. ​

In REALITY, 80% students who self-learn will FAIL! Why???

BECAUSE the student does not have the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE;

BECAUSE the student does not have the BIG WHY as their push factor;

BECAUSE the student does not have the RIGHT MINDSET that is needed as a successful student!

If one of the above factors exist in your child, it will hinder your child's STUDIES to IMPROVE.

It will demoralised him and he will take it as just another --- UNACHIEVABLE DREAM !!

Study is not easy ya ...

Is not as easy when you open the school textbook, you can suddenly understand the words written!

Not as easy also, when you do not understand the concepts - you can just ask your best friend to explain correctly to you!

Your child may do all of the above, but it will be a little impossible to achieve his DESIRED SCORE !!

Perhaps you want to ask these questions to your child:

Do you want to get start getting 50, 60, 70 or even 80 in your exams?

Do you want to learn the correct way right from the beginning?

Do you want to achieve good grades for yourself and your parents?

Are you willing to work hard and put in 200% effort?

If your child's answer is a YES, I WILL ...

We at Smart Excel will help your child to achieve this.

Only to those who WANT to learn, WANT to be coached for STARTER.

What will your child gain from this Starter Class

Right Attitude and Mindset to be a Successful student

Inculcate good study habit

Time management

Learn to identify careless mistakes and how to overcome them

Understanding the BASIC Key concepts and how to apply them

Customised learning

Progress monintered

At Smart Excel, We Have Created Stories That Are Worth Telling


Everything Begin From Here

The very first and important step you must do now is, you need to fill up the online form, click on the green button and book a Study - Ability - Test for you child. This test is for us to see which level is your child exactly now and how we can help to improve him better in his studies.

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