Lower Primary Science

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  1. Install Kami for Google Chrome™ so you are able to type/write on the pdf file.
  2. Choose a FREE Plan.
  3. Create a folder on your desktop, named the folder [Subject].
  4. Save the study materials below, if you do not have the hardcopy.
How To Submit Your Work
  1. Click on to the Student Folder.
  2. Select on your WA Group Name folder.
  3. Upload your files in the folder labeled with your name. 


Introduction To Science
  1. Living and Non-Living Things
  2. Plants vs Animals
  3. Needs of Plants
  4. Needs of Animals
  5. Homes and habitats,
  6. Adaptations
  7. Life cycle


The five senses and parts of the body

Fruits and vegetables, healthy foods and the 5 food groups.

Types of weather, weather words, predicting weather, severe weather and seasons.

Sun and shade, hot and cold, heat, light and sound and people power vs fuel power.

Simple forces and the movements they cause.

Where stuff comes from and the 3 Rs (reduce, recycle, reuse).

Practice Papers





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