Make-Up Classes


Replacement Classes

We do not encourage students to skip a class and to make it up on another day and time, as this can disrupt their progress. However we do understand that there may be times when your child is ill, or there is a compulsory school activity which he/she needs to attend. As such, we will continue to allow for a maximum of 8 replacement classes during the year. In order to maintain continuity for the students, these replacements will be based on a cap of 2 per term. A replacement class should be arranged with the Centre’s Administrative staff at least 48 hours in advance. Once your child’s replacement class has been fixed, it should not be re-scheduled.

Where there are 2 public holidays observed on the same day within a term, an additional replacement class will be offered to affected students. A replacement class will also be offered for cancelled lessons, should the teacher be indisposed.

Please fill this online form WITHIN THE WEEK which your child is unable to attend his/her class.

  1. ONLY PARENTS are to fill it up this online form.
  2. Each entry is for per child per absent date.
  3. Confirmation of available slots will be sent via SMS.
  4. Once you receive the replacement confirmation, please acknowledge so we can reserve the slot for your child.
  5. For any changes in the replacement date, fill up a fresh online form again & drop a note in the remark box.

Enquiries, call us at 9457 5811. Thank you!


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