Malay Creative Writing (Pri/Sec)

Parents Who Are Constantly Searching For Ways To Improve Their Child’s Writing Skills Know This:

There Are Hardly Any Good Writing Resources Out There!!😲😲


The formal education syllabus for creative writing is severely lacking.

Most tutors and teachers only know how to provide generic advice like: “Read more books”.

Assessment books only provide ‘model’ compositions that promote the use of out-dated and cliche phrases.

Your child does not know who to emulate, and is only taught by adults to “Copy good phrases” and write in a standard, mechanical way.

Your child’s essay is just weak as all the other students out there…

What Makes His Composition is Unique & Interesting

If there isn’t any new input or new guidance, your child will remain stuck in a vicious cycle of lousy advice, lousy teaching, and the inevitable result – Lousy Writing.

What If We Tell You, There’s a Way to Seriously Boost your Child’s Writing Skills?

Uneveiling, the ONE and ONLY Creative Writing online course that provides EVERYTHING your child needs…

SMART Malay Creative Writing is the only creative writing course that provides an all-round, comprehensive package for your child to excel in writing.

✅ It will banish all your ill, preconceived notions about writing.

✅ It will get rid of all the bad advice and bad writing habits that your child has picked up over the years.

✅ It will make your child see Creative Writing in a whole new light.

✅ It will change the way your child write forever.

✅ It will make a BIG difference in your child’s results.

✅ AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, your child will learn to enjoy the pleasures of writing a meaningful and well-worded composition.

Does Your Child Face These Problems?

😨 He doesn’t have any ideas on what to write.

😨 He writes a very short composition which does not have much description.

😨 He only knows how to write about the weather or an alarm clock ringing in the first paragraph.

😨 His writing is rather bland. He doesn’t use any flowery words.

😨 He has limited vocabulary.

😨 His conclusion only has 1 or 2 sentences.  One of which has the words “I learnt a lesson…”

😨 He has difficulty forming proper linking sentences and phrases.

😨 He has difficulty expressing his thoughts.

😨 He scores low marks.

😨 You buy him model composition books to read but he is not interested.

😨 Your child reads a lot but somehow… she still can’t write!

This Workshop Is Everything Your Child Needs

This workshop aims to address all the problems faced by your child in writing.
By the end of this course, your child will understand what it means to write a good essay.

👍 Better yet, your child will become a much more proficient writer.

👍 His confidence will be boosted.

👍 He will become more creative.

👍 He won’t just know how to use flowery phrases – He will create his own phrases!

👍 You will be delighted to see a significant improvement in your child’s Malay marks!

Here Is What Others Have To Say About Us …

” Very comprehensive. Good tips which are easy to understand. Also, the common themes and how to handles them, and how to stand out from other compositions are extremely useful. ”  

 by Mariam

 – by Nur Farah, Queensway Secondary


” The workshop contents are compact yet laid simple. This helps children to understand easily. My 12-year old boy is able to understand the workshop independently. He says that he picked up some useful and practical composition writing tips which cannot be found in the assessment books.

This workshop underscore the importance of planning the plot and illustrated how to write an engaging story with excellent examples. After the workshop, he is now more confident about his writing,, for instance, how to use the flashback style of introduction effectively, how to avoid cliches as well as how to make the story vivid with greater details. 

 Thank you SMART Excel. Looking forward to more future workshops. “

– by Jason Tan

He Will Learn All These Techniques

This workshop is based on the latest MOE syllabus. Your child will receive new lessons and writing assignments every week.

✅ Essay Outline and breakdown

✅ How to Plan Your Essay in 5 min

✅ Brainstorming for New Syllabus Essay Themes

✅ Common Themes for exams

✅ 5 different ways to start write an Introduction

✅ Advanced Introduction Writing Techniques

✅ How to build Suspense

✅ How to write the Conflict / Problem

✅ How to throw in additional complications

✅ How to resolve the Conflict / Problem in a unique way

✅ How to write a satisfying Conclusion

✅ Advanced Conclusion Writing Techniques

✅ How to write a well-thought out Reflection

✅ Powerful Phrases, Adjectives and Adverbs

✅ Similes, Metaphors and Personification

✅ Use the Right Words at the Right time (emotive, action words, etc.)

✅ Simple, Compound and Complex sentences

✅ Vary Your Sentence Structure for rhythm and effect

✅ Detailed Description of Setting, Characters, Objects, Actions

✅ Proper Dialogue Punctuation

✅ How to write proper and effective Dialogues

✅ There will be plenty of examples provided in this detailed and comprehensive workshop.

✅ Active participation will be required in order for your child to unlock the full benefits of this workshop.

Unlimited Support for Your Child

✅ Your child will be required to actively complete his Writing Assignments in this workshop.

✅There will also be Tests to track the progress of your child.

✅ All assignments and tests will be handed up and it will be marked, comment and review your child’s work.

✅ We will constantly provide feedback for your child throughout this workshop as we understand that each child has different strengths and weaknesses.

✅ Your child will be our highest-priority student.

Is My Child Suitable To Take This Workshop

This workshop is created for Primary 5 & 6 and Secondary 4 & 5.

But if your child is in Primary 4 or Secondary 3 and has a good Malay foundation, go ahead and sign him up!

What Is My Investment

✅ Every Saturday / Sunday (upon availability)

  • 930am – 1130am
  • 1130am – 130pm
  • 2pm – 4pm
  • 4pm – 6pm (Saturdays Only)

✅ Once a week, 2 hours per Lesson

✅ North Bridge Road & Yishun Center

✅ Investment

+ PRIMARY 👉 $300 per 10 Lesson ONLY

+ SECONDARY 👉 $400 per 10 Lessons ONLY

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