Online Math Support Group

We have been running small group classes for parents who coach their children at home. We always love small group as we are a firm believer in quality over quantity.

But the challenges we constantly have are our limited time, getting the matching time for parents who have signed up for the classes and, of course, distance!

To fill this gap and ensure continuous learning for parents and me supporting them, we are opening up Math Online Support group for Parents. This will be a one-year commitment from us to parents.


(1) LIVE Math Coaching in an FB closed group.
4 LIVE sessions will be conducted in the closed group questions by topics which are covered in the school termly.

(2) From these LIVE sessions, ample questions from Standard to Challenging questions will be given and you may try them with your child. Guidance and your child’s progress will be monitored closely.

(3) To ensure quality learning and monitoring in each group, there will only be 5 parents per group of the same level.

(4) Ample practice will be given for parents to try with their kids and you can always come back to me for any doubt you have.

(5) We will share unconditionally questions and techniques which we use to help and strategize our students to improve their math score. We hope this will greatly help you to coach your child better at home.

(6) You may post-school questions which you or your child is unable to do.

The small investment for ALL ABOVE is just $97 per term (3 months). And it comes with Money Back Guarantee.

We’ll let you try to have the feel of the group for THREE GOOD MONTHS. If you find the support is not useful and not helping you and child in any bit – let us know and we will refund your money back.

We truly believe you will not regret.

If you are keen to know more about this group, fill in the form below and we will talk soon.