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ATTENTION All Parents with Children Entering P1 and P2 in 2018
>> Find out the REAL REASONS WHY your Relatives and Friends are sending their children to Math Enrichment Lessons as early as Primary 1!
>> Want To Discover How Your Child Can Build A Strong Foundation In Math Concepts Which Forms The Building Blocks For Later Years ?
Our SMART Primary 1 programme focuses on teaching math concepts the fun way. We use snap cubes, counters, fraction disks and include games and stories. This helps young children acquire a strong foundation in mathematics and in turn builds their confidence in the subject.
Our SMART Approach
>> Learn Math concepts and English creative skills through hands-on activities in partnership with teachers and parents
>> Step-By-Step Guided Worksheets And Higher Order Thinking Questions
Many parents are already reaping the benefits of enrolling their children early in math enrichment programme so that their children can have an unfair advantage of a good headstart over their peers …
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+ Complimentary ONE Learning Session For Your Child
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