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5- A prog 851x315For Primary 5 & 6

The PSLE is fast approaching. It is not the ideal of situations, but your child will need to cram years of learning into weeks. Our Intensive A* SMART Achiever Program offers the ideal solution with our highly-structured curriculum.

Our regular program problem-solving heuristics into four modules 1 – 4. This Intensive A* SMART Achiever Program covers all four modules in 39 weekly lessons and 3 days September Holiday Workshop. With the PSLE looming over us, this program specifically focuses on the essential heuristics techniques for immediate application in the PSLE Maths & Science paper.


  • Provide a platform for high ability students to challenge themselves in preparation
    for their PSLE.
  • Enforce the various heuristic problem-solving techniques already taught before as well as introduce other more advanced techniques.

Our customized A* SMART Achiever Program helps your child to be PSLE-ready gearing to achieve A* !


  • For SMART A* Achiever Programme, one has to achieve 80 & above for both SA2  and an entry test by Smart Excel.


  • For 10 Lessons
  • Schedule – Starts July 2018
 Central – North Bridge Road Science: Saturday, 2pm – 4pm
Math: Saturday, 4pm – 6pm
Math: Sunday, 9.30am – 11.30am
Science: Sunday, 11.30am – 1.30pm
 North – Yishun St 21 Math: Saturday, 2pm – 4pm
Saturday: Saturday, 4pm – 6pm
  • SmartExcel Centre,
    • Central – 734 North Bridge Road #02-02 Singapore 198702
    • North – Blk 236 Yishun Street 21 #01-1010 Singapore 760236
  • Materials & light snacks will be provided


  • Primary 5► $550 per student for 10 Lessons btn_cart_LG
  • Primary 6► $550 per student for 10 Lessons btn_cart_LG


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