For Primary 1 & 2  

The Primary 2 Math program is designed to lay the foundations for key concepts and fundamental mathematical techniques to help your child achieve academic excellence.

The program, which focuses on an introduction to whole numbers, measurements and word problems, combines a curriculum that is catered to school needs and carefully designed materials to reinforce basic skills, concepts and critical thinking skills; we create a culture of exam savvy students who are skilled in techniques, time management and self-audit practices, and trained in effective revision, allowing your child to conceptualise concepts clearly within a topic, and continue build a bird’s eye view of the parallel connections within their curriculum.

We provide students with an enriching learning journey through compelling and interactive lessons with our specialist teachers, who make use of an array of fun learning activities from teasers that generate interest in new topics to proprietary games that reinforce and cultivate a love for math. Included in our math curriculum are Math Olympiad modules, specially crafted to expose our students to interesting higher-order thinking questions in the fields of patterns, spatial sense and geometry.

Primary 2: Problem Solving Heuristic


  1. Apply mathematics concepts and skills to solve problem sums variety of contexts within or outside mathematics, including:
    • Identifying the appropriate mathematical representations for a problem
    • Using appropriate mathematical concepts, skills (including tools and algorithm) to solve a problem
    • Interpreting the mathematical solution the context of the problem and making sense of the solution.

Our syllabus have been carefully planned to correlate with the basic textbooks, incorporate IQ questions and challenging problems, step by step explanations enable pupils to improve their competency in basic Mathematics skills.

see-contentTopics Covered (MOE Syllabus)


  1. Develop a strong foundation in Mathematical topics related to Math competitions.
  2. Expose students to various Mathematical concepts beyond school syllabus.
  3. Equip students with essential skills needed to tackle challenging Mathematical problems.

All P2 students who are keen in Mathematics are encouraged to participate in this programme. Students younger than 8 years old are required to pass a Modular Diagnostic Paper (MDP). This is to ensure the younger students have the fundamental foundation to manage.



” The Model Drawing essentially becomes a good entry level tool to help my son to understand and break the questions into component parts making solving and learning math easy. SMART Excel has make it simple and fun for him! 

– Jason’s Mum, P4 from Townsville Primary


SMART English Creative Writing

For Primary 1 & 2  

For students who have an active imagination, SMART Creative Writing programmes are the perfect choice. These stimulating programmes are designed to provide children with greater freedom to use their imaginations and express their thoughts and ideas in a more creative way. Students are introduced to a wide range of writing genres and are taught the necessary language skills to help them become more proficient users of the English language.

Targeted at students in Primary 1 & 2 – SMART Creative Writing (English) programme follows the latest English syllabus stipulated by the Ministry of Education, taking into all changes in the syllabi for PSLE 2015, and it aims to:
  1. come up with imaginative ideas for writing
  2. write in a variety of different genres, encompassing the broad areas of fictional, factual and situational writing tasks
  3. plan and structure their writing
  4. use a wider vocabulary to make writing more engaging
  5. use tenses and grammatical structures with greater accuracy

Please find as below the curriculum details for our SMART Creative Writing programme.p1.2 English