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Strengthening Academic Foundation And Independence In Learning

Our Smart Study Curriculum encompasses the areas stipulated in both the Singapore Primary School Curriculum Framework. We adopt highly successful approach of learning through involvement in a count rich environment for the teaching of English, Mathematics, Science & Malay.

In Lower Primary school years, a strong focus on learning excellence helps to prepare them to handle the structured syllabus of the primary school journey.

Gaining familiarisation with subject-specific components and building confidence in responding to written and verbal tasks go a long way in driving your child’s deep learning.

Such subject-specific and general skills give your child the tools to excel in the exams. Being able to learn from mistakes and to apply knowledge correctly all drives performance excellence — these learning habits help your child to manage assessment tasks in Primary 2 and Primary 3.

Developing Key Critical Thinking Skills For Academic Excellence

In Upper Primary, your child is honing critical skills that help him or her manage school exams and class work.

At Smart Excel, our lesson materials engage your child in learning that matters. By learning how to tackle subject-specific and task-specific challenges, he or she can minimize errors and focus on excelling at his or her strengths. Our programmes give your child the right tools to excel academically by helping your child to use systematic approaches to solving and answering questions.

As your child progresses to upper primary, there is a need to ensure an equal focus on learning excellence as well as exam excellence.

For each subject your child studies, he or she will need to acquire component-specific skills and techniques that help him or her in the application of content knowledge.


Such knowledge transference and complex knowledge retrieval are key learning strengths that drive your child’s performance for in-class assessments and major examinations.

Primary Subjects

Smart English Weekly Classes build on the thirst for knowledge cultivated in preschool to build a strong foundation in English components like comprehension, composition and cloze passages for primary school. 

It develops our students’ writing, reading, speaking and listening skills, enhancing their overall language appreciation and mastery.

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Smart Math Weekly  Classes, equip your child critical skills that help him or her manage school exams and class work. 

It places a strong emphasis on evaluative learning and giving students the best academic and learning support to hone strengths and work on areas of progress.

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Smart Science Weekly Classes are enriching, fun and interesting. Students begin to pursue their passion for this subject, which is tied so closely to the world around them, whilst preparing for a series of examinations leading up to the national exam 

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Smart A* Achiever Program covers all four modules in 39 weekly lessons and 3 days September Holiday Workshop. 

With the PSLE looming over us, this program specifically focuses on the essential heuristics techniques for immediate application in the PSLE Maths & Science paper.

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