►Enrolling Your Child in Smart Excel is the First Big Step in Supporting Both Your Child’s Personal and Academic Growth

SMART Instructors determine a starting point at just the right level for your child after discussion with you and reviewing the results of your child’s Diagnostic Test.Trial+1Leson - 851x315

► Steps to Register

  1. Click Registration Form  →  Fill up the Online Form → Submit.
  2. We will get in touch with you as soon as we received the form.

other important information

► Schedule 2019schedule-2019.jpg

►Fee Structure 

Please Take Note
  • Programme fees include all course materials and a starter pack for new students.
  • Invoices are presented once a term and are payable in advance. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or Internet Banking.
  • For North Bridge Road Branch
    • Cheques to be made payable to ” Siti Suhailah Bte Abdul Kadir
    • iBanking – POSB savings, A/C No: 145 – 14933 – 9
  • For Yishun Branch
    • Cheques to be made payable to ” Maths Excel
    • iBanking – DBS current, A/C No: 003 – 944683 – 7

  1. Classroom Size → 5 Students : 1 Tutor
  2. Frequency  All lessons are at 2 hours each. Once a week.
  3. Tuition Fee
    • To be paid beginning of each new payment cycle
    • Less 10%: Take 2 or more subjects
  4. Absences
    • No refund fees for student absences or for public holidays.
    • Only make-up classes are allowed.

side-bar-how-to-register[1] One Time Payment

There is a one-time payment upon a student’s enrollment in the SMART Modular Classes (10 Lessons) / Monthly Classes (4 Lessons) ;

  • Registration & Material ($130) + Deposit ($100) = $230

[2] Tuition Fee

Tuition fee below is for Per Subject, 2 Hours per Lesson, Once a Week

  • Primary 1 & 2
  • Smart English, Math, Malay
$150/4 Lessons $350 Nett
  • Primary 3 & 4
  • Smart English, Math, Science & Malay
$170/4 Lessons $400 Nett
  • Primary 5 & 6 (Foundation & Standard)
  • Smart English, Math, Science & Malay
$190/4 Lessons $450 Nett
  • Secondary 1 – 4 (E, NA, NT)
  • Smart English, Math, Science & Malay
$210/4 Lessons $500 Nett
  • Secondary O, N, NT
  • Smart English, Math, Science & Malay
$230/4 Lessons $550 Nett

►Withdraw / Resume Programme

A child may be absent from the class for up to two months without being requested to pay the monthly fee for the absent months. If a child is absent from the classes for over two months, the child will be considered as having withdrawn from the class and thus will be requested to pay the one-time payment again upon resuming. If homework is requested during a time of absence, the fee for the month will not be refundable.

For withdrawal, a one month deposit will be refunded at a one-month advance notice to the center.