Enrolling Your Child in Smart Excel is the First Big Step in Supporting Both Your Child’s Personal and Academic Growth

Programme Details

  1. Classroom Size → 7 Students : 1 Tutor
  2. Frequency  All lessons are at 2 hours each. Once a week.
  3. Tuition Fee
    • To be paid beginning of each new payment cycle
    • Less 10%: For Two or more subjects
  4. Absences
    • Inform center 3 DAYS in advance.
    • No refund fees for student absences or for public holidays.
    • Only make-up classes are allowed.

Withdraw / Resume Programme

A child may be absent from the class for up to two months without being requested to pay the monthly fee for the absent months. If a child is absent from the classes for over two months, the child will be considered as having withdrawn from the class and thus will be requested to pay the one-time payment again upon resuming. If homework is requested during a time of absence, the fee for the month will not be refundable.

For withdrawal, a one month deposit will be refunded at a one-month advance notice to the center.