The jump from primary to secondary school is a major transition for every child– both in academics and in learning to adapt to the new rigor and demands of the curriculum in school.

At this point, every child has a different learning pace and ability, so it is important that each child is given the right support and resources to meet his or her needs. The goal is to create the right learning path to prepare students well for the final exams in the NT, N and O Level streams.

Here Are The Themes That Inspire Our Secondary Curriculum Design Process:

  1. To comprehensively prepare and reinforce students’ academic knowledge
  2. To expose students to real-world applications of academic and general knowledge
  3. To customize learning through tailored lesson plans and materials

As the NT, N and O Level students have a different exam and curriculum needs, we differentiate our curriculum accordingly to meet the needs of every student.

We offer classes in English, Math, Science & Malay for the Secondary 1 – 5 levels.

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  • Secondary 1 – 3 
  • Subjects Offered: English, Math, Science & Malay

Secondary 1 – 3 weekly classes, students aim to improve their academic performance is based on school and national exam trends.

With a strong focus on fundamental techniques, higher-order thinking, and principals, we provide advanced materials that are specially curated to give students a competitive edge, in all streams including Express.

Our teachers to cater to each student’s needs through personal coaching and tutorials on school topics, while the pace and flow of each class are dependent on the abilities of its students, which lets your child catch up or gain a headstart with a foundational grasp of new topics according to their syllabus.

We also provide our students with a vibrant learning environment, supported by carefully curated resources – to stimulate our students’ interest in math, fun learning activities such as in-house developed games are introduced to reinforce key concepts.

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SMART Preparatory Course for GCE NT, N & O Level provides a comprehensive programme that equips students with the necessary learning competencies that prepare them for the annual examination of the joint awarding authorities – Ministry of Education, Singapore and the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE NT, N & O Levels.

The strong foundation of this programme lies in the series of internal assessments namely: Mid-Year and Preliminary Examinations, which are facilitated by the Department once in the Academic Year for the respective examination cycle. These assessments are carefully designed and prepared by the internal and competent assessors of the department, to gauge the readiness of the students for the actual examination.

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