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SMART Tot! is a Guided English & Math Programme support a comprehensive Reading and Count Program by integrating differentiated small–group instruction, assessment, and independent practice.

The instructor begins by grouping students, then prompt, encourage, and confirm how students apply problem-solving strategies as they read and count.

Smart Tot – Guided English

Students will be heard and guided individually on their reading. Listening to a story told or read aloud well is a captivating experience.

Smart Tot – Guided Math

What will your Child Learn?

✔ Strengthens speaking, listening, writing, reading and comprehension skills

✔ Increase their vocabulary

✔ Helps students appreciate the beauty and rhythm of language

✔ Enhances imagination and observation skills

✔ Improves critical and creative thinking skills

✔ Expands a student’s general knowledge and understanding of the world

✔ Develops positive attitudes towards books as a source of pleasure and information and helps to create life-long readers

✔ Builds community and a sense of belonging to the shared literary experience.

What will your Child Learn?

✔ Model the thinking process for students and train them to monitor their own thinking and to regulate their learning.

✔ Develops metacognition through mathematical communication, reasoning and justification.

✔ Requires students to be aware of their thinking in order to create word problems that are realistic and can be solved.

How Guided Reading Works

Before Reading

During Reading

After Reading


✔ Selects an appropriate text

✔ Introduces the story based on the experience and skills of the readers



✔ Engages in conversation about the story

✔ Notices information in the text


✔ Observes the reader’s behaviors

✔ Interacts to assist with problem-solving



✔ Reads the whole book or a unified part of themselves (softly or silently)

✔ Requests help when needed


✔ Assesses children’s understanding of what they read

✔ May engage children in extending the story through writing or more reading


✔ Revisits the text at points of problem-solving as guided by the teacher

✔ Engages in activities to extend or respond to the text

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