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Is Your Child Still  Struggling With His English Or Math or Science or Even Malay at School ???  😩😩😩

🔥 Fail Badly In Any of the Subjects Above?
🔥 Not Getting His Desired Score? 
🔥 Unable to Solve Math Word Problem Correctly? 
🔥 Unable to Answer Section B for Science using CER Method?
🔥 Unable to Structure Simple Perfect Sentences for English & Malay? 
🔥 And He Shows Signs Of Giving Up?
🔥 Still Stuck at the Same Score for the Past Few Months?

If you answered YES to at least 3 of the questions above, then your child DEFINITELY NEEDS HELP !!

PSLE & SA Exams are coming up very soon! We know many parents out there are VERY WORRIED that their child did not do well for their SA1. We received inquiries and questions on how to improve their child’s grade. 

We Hear You …

From One of P5 Worried Parents

From Another S3E Worried Parent

” My child has been getting 75+ since P1 – P4. I dunno why he got 43/100 for his Maths CA1 now ” 😱😱

” My girl has been getting F9 for her Science since term 1. What should I do? ” 😥😥😥

Discover How Most Of Our Students Improve Within 6 Months After They Joined Us !! 💪💪

From P4 (SA1) 56% → (CA2) 90%

” I would like to say THANK YOU for helping Shree in overcoming her fear of Math. She refused to try challenging questions in the beginning, but now doing Math is a breeze for her. I don’t have to monitor her anymore. Smart Excel has been very helpful and patient whenever she approaches with her doubts “
~ Mr. Gana, father of Shree P4 2017 | Mayflower Primary School

From P5 (SA2) 54% → PRELIM 74%

Mdm Siti’s method of teaching has also proven to be very effective. Through her teaching, my son is now able to understand those concepts or methods which he was unclear of previously. He would also provide alternative methods for solving the questions which my son found it easier to understand.

Having only join Smart Excel in January 2017, his grades have improved significantly from 54 marks in P5 SA2 to 74% in P6 Prelim!

Both my wife and I are very happy with the marked improvement in grades. More importantly, she has helped my son regained his confidence in Mathematics!

Thank you very much Mdm Siti and SMART Excel for your guidance!

~ P6 Ahmad Yusoff 2017 | Madrasah Irsyad Al Islamiah

Looking For The Next 70 Primary & Secondary Students Who Score 60 & Below for their Recent SA Exam!! 

We are looking for the next 70 primary and secondary students who are still struggling with their math, scoring 60 and below. We want to help your child to clear their doubts that have been blocking them to score their first ‘A’

SMART EXCEL – English, Maths, Science & Malay for PSLE, NT, N & O Levels

✅ Based on Latest MOE Syllabus
✅ Progress Monitored
✅ Pictorial Concept Approach 
✅ Develop Inquiry Skills 
✅ Small Group (5 Students : 1 Tutor)
✅ Incorporates Problem Solving Skills  
✅ Nurture Self Motivation
✅ Work with Your Child Ability Level 
✅ Qualified & Experienced Tutors
✅ 80% of our Students Improved After 6 Months They Joined Us

Programme Details

For Intensive Revision – June

👉 To Revise ALL Term 1 & 2 Topics
👉 3 – 29 Jun 2019
👉 4 Lessons per Subject 
👉 2 hours per Lesson
👉 Materials & Light Refreshment included
👉 Smart Excel Center – North Bridge Road & Yishun

For Intensive Revision – SA2

👉 To Revise ALL Term 1 – 4 Topics
👉 14 – 17 Oct, Mon-Thu (PSLE Marking Day)
👉 $280 / subject (4 Days)
👉 2 hours per Lesson
👉 Materials & Light Refreshment included
👉 Smart Excel Center – North Bridge Road & Yishun

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