Primary 1 Malay

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Fundamental Years

Primary 1 programmes aim to familiarise your child with the academic and social conditions that are part of Primary school. Learning is informed by a strong sense of interest-building and helping your child to expand his or her awareness of people, places and things that are part of primary school curriculum as well as the wider world around him or her.

The Primary 1 Malay programme will help your child manage formal components of Malay language study. In addition to enhancing his or her reading, writing and speaking skills, there are also component-based skills to help your child gain confidence in his or her learning of Malay.

Content and Language Mastery

Students will learn the complete MOE vocabulary list and basic grammar structure to help them build a strong foundation in the language. These include: 

  • Thematic word banks
  • Grammar synthesis
  • Idioms and proverbs

Skills and Techniques

Students will refine their skills in the following key areas:

  • Speaking
    • effective communication skills for exams and real-world situations   
    • presentation and conversation topics  
    • describe, interpret and evaluate pictures accurately and fluently
  • Reading and Writing
    • passage and question analysis   
    • answering techniques   
    • basic and complex sentence structures