Primary 2 Math

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Fundamental Years

Smart P2

Primary 2 programmes introduce your child to key concepts needed for middle primary school years. Your child will work on mastering the basics of each subject while exploring various topics that help them make a real connection between what they learn in school and the world around them. Communication, presentation of ideas and interaction with others remain an integral part of learning and development.

At Primary 2, your child will start to learn more complex word problems and the relevant heuristics to solve.

Content Mastery

  • Students will master new topics such as Fractions, Volume, Mass and 3D shapes.
  • Students will solve new word problems on Fractions, Volume, Mass and Time.
  • Students will solve word problems involving gap and difference and sets.

Skills and Techniques

  • Students will present word problems with more complex comparison models including stack model.
  • Students will apply heuristics including Guess and Check, Working Backwards and Grouping in problem-solving.
  • Students will use metric units of measurement to order objects based on length, mass, and volume.
  • Students will develop critical thinking skills through topical challenging problems.

Applied Learning

  • Students will use manipulatives such as clocks and weighing scales to carry out performance tasks in class.
  • Students will reinforce concepts learned through card games and takeaways.
  • Students will appreciate the real-life application of Math through arts, crafts, and presentations such as learning about the world’s longest rail tracks and presenting the designed locomotive in class based on the concepts of length, speed, and capacity.