Primary 3 Science

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Key Growth Years

Middle primary school years are about mastering component-based skills whilst honing learning sensibilities like refinement, precision, self-evaluation and time management. Our programmes aim to achieve these goals whilst continually expanding your child’s academic knowledge in each subject.

The first year of formal Science education should be enriching, fun and interesting. Students begin to pursue their passion for this subject, which is tied so closely to the world around them. Find out more.

Content Mastery

  • Students will be introduced to the theme on Diversity where they learn the key characteristics of animals, plants, fungi and bacteria and the properties of different materials.
  • Students will cover topics such as Life Cycles, Plant and Human body systems and Magnets.

Skills and Techniques

  • Students will learn to classify and compare living and non-living things based on similarities and differences.
  • Students will be introduced to techniques that guide them in analyzing questions.
  • Students will learn how to express their answers using accurate science terminology and relevant keywords.
  • Students will be taught to analyze information presented in tables, flowcharts, classifications charts, and bar graphs.
  • Students will learn to interpret experiment set-ups to identify the aim, variables, and conclusion of the experiment.

Applied Learning

  • Students will be familiarised with facts through games such as Human Body System Bingo and activities.
  • Students will observe science concepts in action by conducting experiments.
  • Students are encouraged to appreciate Science beyond the textbooks through fun passages that expose them to interesting facts about the real world.