Primary 4 English

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Key Growth Years

Your Primary 4 child should focus on refining key learning skills that help him or her to apply knowledge mastery. This year is about setting clear academic and personal growth goals that put your child in stead for managing upper primary.

Besides honing examination skills such as answering techniques and answer precision, your child will also focus on developing his or her critical thinking and metacognitive skills. Find out more.

Content and Language Mastery

Students will learn intermediate and advanced grammar rules and thematic vocabulary that will help them to build a strong foundation in the language. These include:

  • relative pronouns
  • question tags
  • phrasal verbs

Skills and Techniques

Students refine their skills in the following key areas:

  • Speaking
    Students will hone their communication skills through public speaking platforms such as individual presentations and learn how to present their opinions in a persuasive manner.
  • Reading and writing

Students will read a wide variety of passages such as expository and personal recount passages.

Students will learn how to identify organizational patterns in a text such as chronological sequencing, compare-and-contrast, and topic sentences.

Students will learn to write a good story with structure, using advanced techniques including simple characterization and slow-motion description.

Learn how to create story ideas related to the theme and visual using a story curve to generate reader interest.

Practice the precise use of varied sentence structure and accurate word choice.

Learn the WISE method (Writing = Ideas + Structure + Expression)

Metacognitive Skills

Students will hone their metacognitive abilities and develop skills that will help them evaluate their own work. These include:

  • error analysis
  • answer precision
  • the ability to identify logic gaps
  • the ability to answer inferential questions

Contextualized Learning

Students will be introduced to a wide variety of themes that will help them to contextualize their learning in the real world and raise their social awareness. Key themes include:

  • focus on the environment
  • the world today
  • the career series