Primary 4 Math

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Key Growth Years

Smart P4

Your Primary 4 child should focus on refining key learning skills that help him or her to apply knowledge mastery. This year is about setting clear academic and personal growth goals that put your child instead of for managing upper primary.

Primary 4 Math curriculum expands on topics learned in P3 with an increasing level of complexity. Your child will also be introduced to new topics which require the application of prior knowledge and the ability to make new connections.

Content Mastery

  • Students will master new topics such as Factors and Multiples, Decimals and Symmetry.
  • Students will expand their knowledge on basic arithmetic to rounding off and four operations of decimals.
  • Students will build upon fundamental topics such as Fractions, Area and Perimeter and Geometry.
  • Students will solve word problems involving equal fractions, redistribution and part-whole relationship involving remainder value(s).

Skills and Techniques

  • Students will apply heuristics such as Branching, Number, Value and Unitary Method in problem-solving.
  • Students will use a protractor to measure and draw angles.

Applied Learning

  • Students will learn and apply new skills through project-based learning, such as using the 8-point compass and other geometric properties to locate points on a map.
  • New concepts will be reinforced through board games, online games and card games, such as War of Numbers, which requires students to match decimals and fractions of equal value.
  • Students will appreciate the real-life application of Math through presentations as well as arts and crafts, such as cutting out symmetrical snowflakes from origami paper.