Primary 4 Science

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Key Growth Years

Your Primary 4 child should focus on refining key learning skills that help him or her to apply knowledge mastery. This year is about setting clear academic and personal growth goals that put your child in stead for managing upper primary.

The transition from Primary 3 to Primary 4 involves the shifts from the ability to recall to the ability to apply knowledge for topics with abstract concepts. Find out more.

Content Mastery

  • Students will be introduced to new topics such as Matter, Light, and Heat.
  • Students will revise topics covered in Primary 3 at a greater depth.

Skills and Techniques

  • Students are given extensive practice on experiment-based questions to build their confidence in applying their knowledge and expressing their understanding of science concepts.
  • Students will learn to draw relationships between variables based on the results of an experiment.
  • Students will be exposed to application questions where they have to approach questions with unfamiliar context based on the concepts that they have learned and answer in the context of the question.

Applied Learning

  • Students will learn by conducting experiments and observing abstract scientific concepts in action.
  • Students will be aware of the science around them through fun passages such as the effect of heat during the process of making ice cream.