Primary 5 Malay

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Critical Years

Your Primary 5 child will be given the necessary guidance and tools to begin preparing for the PSLE.

Content and Language Mastery

Students will learn the complete MOE vocabulary list and basic grammar structure to help them to build a strong foundation in the language. These include:

  • Thematic word banks
  • Grammar synthesis
  • Idioms and proverbs

Skills and Techniques

Students will refine their skills in the following key areas:

  • Speaking
    • effective communication skills for exams and real-world situations  
    • presentation and conversation topics   
    • accurate and fluent description, interpretation and evaluation of pictures   
    • recount personal experiences in relation to topics of discussion   
    • use appropriate vocabulary to articulate own opinions/views/feelings about the topic in discussion   
    • relate the topic in discussion to school and society  
  • Reading and Writing   
    • compare opinions, content, and changes in characters  
    • comment on content   
    • summarise content (HCL)   
    • question analysis and answering techniques through skills-based modules   
    • write stories which include: introduction, rising action, climax, resolution and ending (with the learning points)   
    • addition of exterior and interior monologue in stories  
    • use of good descriptors and good phrases to write more interesting stories   
    • differentiated modules on format and language used in different scenarios through skills-based modules   
    • use of written interaction to communicate   
  • Metacognition    
    • critical thinking skills   
    • analytical skills in examinable components
    • clue-sourcing, error analysis, answer precision, ability to answer inferential questions and analysis of assessment rubrics

Contextualized Learning

Students will be introduced to a wide variety of themes that will help them to contextualise their learning in the real world and raise their social awareness. Key themes include:

  • Captivating cities
  • Technology and science
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Cultural awareness: Malay