Primary 6 English

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Critical Years

In the PSLE year, students will meet the challenge of revising content knowledge accumulated from Primary 3 to Primary 6 whilst preparing for a series of examinations leading up to the national exam. Our Primary 6 programmes place a strong emphasis on evaluative learning and giving students the best academic and learning support to hone strengths and work on areas of progress.

Your child will be trained to execute key examination strategies and techniques in the run-up to the PSLE. Your child will reinforce his or her skills in examination components such as comprehension, composition, grammar, and situational writing.

Content and Language Mastery

Students will learn advanced grammar rules and thematic vocabulary that will help them to build a strong foundation in the language. These include:

  • rule of proximity
  • reported speech
  • conditionals

Skills and Techniques

Students refine their skills in the following key areas:

  • Speaking Students will refine their communication and interview skills through DSA preparation classes. They will learn how to engage with the audience and present their opinions in a convincing and coherent manner.
  • Reading and writing

Students will learn how to write an engaging story with a clear structure and thoughtful use of writing techniques.

Learn to plan stories in a sequential and logical manner, identify logic gaps and edit writing for clarity of expression.

Practice creating story ideas that relate directly to the theme and visuals.

Students will also master their use of writing techniques such as flashback, foreshadowing, twist, hook, and characterization.

Students will also be trained in situational writing and learn how to write different text types such as emails, letters, and reports.

Master the WISE method (Writing = Ideas +Structure + Expression)

Metacognitive Skills

Students will hone their metacognitive abilities and develop skills that will help them evaluate their own work. These include:

  • error analysis
  • answer precision
  • the ability to identify logic gaps
  • the ability to answer inferential questions

Contextualized Learning

Students will be introduced to a wide variety of themes that will help them to contextualize their learning in the real world and raise their social awareness. Key themes include:

  • business and finance
  • media and entertainment
  • arts and humanities

Revision and Reinforcement

Students will go through intensive revision for the PSLE examination components. These include:

  • recap of the requirements of the PSLE composition
  • revision of grammar and synthesis and transformation rules
  • recap of answering techniques and exam-savvy strategies
  • emphasis on time management