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Achieving Subject Mastery And Honing Critical Thinking Skills

Smart Excel’s Secondary Tuition Programmes meet the needs of students in both mainstream and IP schools. A strong emphasis on current affairs and critical thinking helps our secondary school students to make crucial links between what they learn in class and the wider world around them. Lesson materials aim to build on subject-specific content knowledge and exam-ready skills.

The secondary school landscape requires your child to master subject knowledge on deeper and broader scales. This means that learning excellence continues to drive performance excellence.

Your secondary child’s learning habits are essential to his or her performance at each examination. Understanding key success criteria for each component of the exam helps your child to understand what knowledge to apply and how to apply it. Such learning techniques drive performance excellence— these affect your child’s ability to succeed in school.

Being able to think deeply about the methods, techniques and processes of learning go a long way in helping your child exhibit resilience in continually acquiring and applying increasingly complex knowledge throughout secondary school.   

Preparatory Course for GCE NT, N & O Level

It provides a comprehensive programme that equips students with the necessary learning competencies that prepare them for the annual examination of the joint awarding authorities – Ministry of Education, Singapore and the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE NT, N & O Levels.