Secondary 1 Science

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Your Secondary 1 child is navigating an entirely new academic and social landscape as compared with primary school. Curriculum for this level encompasses foundational skills and exposure to new examinable components. Secondary 1 students will be expected to think and write with greater sophistication across all subjects.

Science, at secondary one, encompasses elements of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Your child will learn an entirely new range of skills required for scientific inquiry.

Content Mastery

  • Students will be introduced to General Science topics such as Laboratory Safety and Apparatus.  
  • Students learn more in-depth scientific concepts from topics in Biology such as Cells and Movement of Substances.   
  • Students learn more in-depth scientific concepts from topics in Chemistry such as Elements, Compounds and Mixtures, and Separation Techniques.   
  • Students learn more in-depth scientific concepts from topics in Physics such as Physical Quantities, and Mass, Weight and Density.

Skills and Techniques

  • Students acquire question analysis skills to interpret information and the provided data appropriately.   
  • Students will have greater exposure to questions that involve experimental skills such as identifying constant, changed or measured variables.   
  • Students will learn how experiments are conducted and how to write and record experiment procedures.   
  • Students will learn to compare the concepts and identify the similarities and differences between them. For example, students will learn about the similarity between a solution and a suspension, and the differences between a bacterium and a typical plant cell.   
  • Students will cover biological drawing in greater detail and more precision.

Preparatory Course for GCE NT, N & O Level

It provides a comprehensive programme that equips students with the necessary learning competencies that prepare them for the annual examination of the joint awarding authorities – Ministry of Education, Singapore and the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE NT, N & O Levels.