Secondary 4 Math

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For students on the ‘O’ Level track, this crucial examination year is about systematic revision and refinement of exam skills. If your child is from an IP school, the secondary 4 year is a time to prepare well for curriculum at the pre-tertiary level, which will require your child to dive deep into content mastery.

The aim of Secondary 4 Mathematics is to prepare your child for the ‘O’ Level A Math examination.

Content Mastery

  • Students will be exposed to different geometric theorems, such as the midpoint theorem. Students will also be taught how to write formal proofs and explain whether a geometrical statement is true.   
  • Students will be introduced to Calculus, the most advanced concept in Secondary Mathematics.   
  • Students will learn to model the motion of an object in a straight line using kinematics concepts.

Skills and Techniques

  • Students will be taught how to recognize question types, identify important markers and apply effective strategies to solve the questions. They will be guided on how to monitor and evaluate his or her own learning.   
  • Students will also be taught how to study a real-world problem, formulate it in mathematical terms with suitable assumptions and simplifications, and interpret the mathematical solution in real-world context.

Revision and Reinforcement

  • Students will focus on content mastery for all the topics through practice tests and revision handouts that includes questions that test foundational knowledge and examination questions.   
  • Through practice tests, students will also learn examination skills such as time management and error analysis.

Preparatory Course for GCE NT, N & O Level

It provides a comprehensive programme that equips students with the necessary learning competencies that prepare them for the annual examination of the joint awarding authorities – Ministry of Education, Singapore and the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE NT, N & O Levels.