Our Key Values
English, Maths, Science & Malay
PSLE, NT, N & O Level
✅ Based on Latest MOE Syllabus
✅ Progress Monitored
✅ Pictorial Concept Approach
✅ Develop Inquiry Skills
✅ Incorporates Problem Solving Skills
✅ Small Group (8 Students : 1 Tutor)
✅ Nurture Self Motivation
✅ Work with Your Child Ability Level
✅ 80% of our Students Improved After 6 Months They Joined Us

Tutor's Registration

We have Expanded!

We have extended our services. We offer:

  • Physical Classes @ Khatib
  • Online Classes
  • Premium Home (1-1)
  • Premium Online (1-1)

Register as a tutor with us to receive tuition assignment! Do provide us with as much details and achievements/ experience as you can. 

This will help us to match you with our students. 

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