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Author and Principal Trainer


Suhailah is the author of the Step-by-Step Model Drawing Series. She trains tutors, teachers, parents and students in various heuristics concepts and applications, with the special focus on pupils in their critical year (PSLE). She also conducts heuristics workshops for parents and educators. Self-trained Suhailah taught primary Maths, in various streams, for more than 20 years in the 90s. During that time, she observed how today’s transformed primary Math syllabus stumped students, parents and, sometimes, even teachers.

How do you teach young students to accurately choose and sequentially apply different situational logic in solving non-routine problems? Suhailah resolved to simplify the learning and application of such (Math heuristics). Through years of research and development, Suhailah eventually established the Smart programmes. Results-oriented research has since proven the consistent effectiveness of the Smart Excel programme.

In 2012, Suhailah launched the Step-by-Step Model Drawing Series, a complete and comprehensive guide to Math heuristics for lower and upper primary students. The book serves students and parents on and beyond the Smart programmes.

Ms. Nur Aini, Science Specialist

28833217_910173135807583_1244794725_nMs. Nur Aini is a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, NIE/NTU. She was an NIE-trained ex-teacher with 10 years of experience in the Education industry. She also worked as a Curriculum Specialist with Marshall Cavendish Online, an eLearning company in Singapore.

Ms. Nur Aini has been teaching Mathematics and Science at both primary and secondary level, providing various strategies for students to improve their grades.

She loves teaching and helps students to achieve their goals.

Ms. Siti Nursyimah, Language Specialist

SyimahMs. Syimah is a caring and dedicated educator with 5 years of teaching in both primary and secondary schools and over 10 years of tutoring experiences. She is MOE/NIE trained and received third class honors for NTU/NIE Bachelor of Arts in Education, specializing in the Malay language. She also worked as an admin manager with Vital.Org and also Edufront Learning Centre.

Ms. Syimah enjoys working with students and focuses on helping each student to attain their personal best, enhancing their confidence and language skills.

Our Teachers

Smart Excel teachers are innately passionate about students and the subjects they are specialized in. Our teachers consist from ex-teachers, NIE trained, Degree Holders and full-time tutors.

Through dedicated patience and vast experience, they draw out the potential in each and every pupil under their care. These personal merits are matched by relevant qualifications and experience, guaranteeing professionalism. All our teachers are personally trained by our Principal Trainer, Siti Suhailah to ensure effective delivery of the proprietary SMART curriculum.

Also, see our Becoming Our SMART Teachers

Join Us

Candidates wishing to join our Smart Excel team should email their resumes to ask@SmartExcel.sg.

Only those with the requisite qualities will be considered:

  • A tertiary qualification
  • A qualification in education (at least a diploma)
  • 5 years or more of teaching experience (retired and ex-school teachers welcomed)
  • Good classroom management skills
  • Experience conducting education enrichment programmes in schools (optional, but advantageous)


  • ✅ Primary & Secondary
  • ✅ Based on Latest MOE Syllabus
  • ✅ Pictorial Concept Approach
  • ✅ Develop Inquiry Skills
  • ✅ Incorporates Problem Solving Skills
  • ✅ Nurture Self Motivation
  • ✅ 80% of our Students Improved After 6 Months They Joined Us
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