P6 Shahirah 2015, Loyang Primary School

P5 (SA2) 55% → PSLE ‘B’

Mdm Siti’s method of teaching has also proven to be very effective. Through her teaching, my daughter is now able to understand those concepts or methods which she was unclear of previously. She would also provide alternative methods in solving the questions which my daughter found it easier to understand.

Having only join SMART Excel in January 2015, her grades has improved significantly from 55 marks in P5 SA2 to 77 in P6 Prelim!

Both my daughter and I are very happy with the marked improvement in grades. More importantly, she has helped my daughter regained her confidence in Mathematics! From one who used to say “I hate Maths” – now she says “I like Math – it’s interesting”!

Thank you very much Mdm Siti and SMART Excel for your guidance!