P6 Nurul Nashrah 2015, Changkat Primary School

P5 SA2 66% →  PSLE  A*

I love SMART Excel simply because it has turned my daughter from an average student to an outstanding one. Through the guidance of the dedicated and experienced teachers, my daughter and other students achieve outstanding results in their examinations. Not forgetting the hardworking and people-oriented frontline staff who always have a smile on their faces. Keep up the good work, SMART Excel !!!

 In 2014, she scored P5 SA2 66%
 In 2015, she improved amazing well.

P6 CA1 : 83%   →   P6 Prelim  : 86%   →   Latest Mock 7  :  90%    →     PSLE  A*

Well done Nurul. You deserve the best!! 😉