P6 Ishan 2015, Tanjong Katong Primary School

P6 (SA1) 60% → PSLE ‘A’

My son has encountered great difficulty in math especially in Section C where he found the problem-solving sums complicated and tedious, causing him to lose confidence. Math is a major subject and with his overall score, it has caused much anxiety especially he was undergoing PSLE.

There are lots of tutors available for math but getting the best one for your kid is still a tricky process. We are glad that Mdm Siti has the expertise in the subject area and impressive credentials in the subject which has effectively given my son a much needed boost in his grades.

Mdm Siti’s familiarity in the subject is important with the ability to relate to my son is just as critical as well. Math is very complex and your child needs someone who can explain the subject to the child in a way that he deems simple, fun and easy to understand.

Thank you Mdm Siti and other teachers in SMART Excel for your constant encouragement and patience teaching in assisting my son obtaining an A in Math for his PSLE!