P6 Fadzly 2014, Jurong Primary School

P5 (45%) → PSLE ‘B’

This year, I went to SMART Excel for Mathematics lessons to prepare for the upcoming Primary School Leaving Examinations. Mdm Siti taught me Mathematics. She had been an excellent teacher. Lessons were engaging and interesting. I am elated to find out that my results have shown great improvement.

P6 Nurul Nashrah 2015, Changkat Primary School

P5 (66%) →  PSLE  A*

I love SMART Excel simply because it has turned my daughter from an average student to an outstanding one. Through the guidance of the dedicated and experienced teachers, my daughter and other students achieve outstanding results in their examinations.

P6 Fathiin 2016, Meridian Primary School

P5 (17%) → PSLE ‘D’

I like SMART Excel because it helps my child to improve her grades. I like the notes and their teaching method and they are also very satisfied with the center.

P6 Khasyfil 2016, Cantonment Primary School

P6(55%) → PSLE ‘B’

My Mathematics teacher, Mdm Siti, was very dedicated and committed to teaching us, maximizing the learning out of the four-hour lessons. Much to my pleasure, it worked and my grades improved! I truly feel grateful to them.

P6 Lavanya 2016, CHIJ Toa Payoh

P5 (20%)  →  PSLE ‘C’

The teachers are also kind and good. The notes and worksheets provided are useful and informative. SMART Excel teaches the topics in advance. This made learning easier when my school teacher covered the topics I already knew and understood.