Highly-Visual, Helps Your Child To See Maths – Literally!

The ability to visualize a problem goes a long way to solving it. The Model Approach to Problem-solving was borne out of this fact.

Go beyond conventional models and solve challenging problems fast with highly-efficient model techniques!​


We teach the correct & simple way to understand and draw model drawing for Parents who are clueless on the problem-solving.

An essential skill for busy parents these days, able to coach their children at home with their day-to-day maths assignments and school work.

This termly course is meant for parents whose children are in Primary 3 to Primary 6. Through the course, parents will be informed and be made aware of the latest Mathematics paper format, its trends and focus in recent years. Reference will be made to the focus of the curriculum and the intent of the examination.

Exams questions will be used for discussion to illustrate the skills and strategies necessary for handling different types of questions. Attention will be given to strategies and mindset needed for problem-solving which is a key feature of Exam Mathematics.

We hope that through his exposure, parents will be more confident in guiding and encouraging their children in this preparation.

What’s In It for You

Additional Bonus

Helping Your Child when His Answer is Wrong

If your child gets a wrong answer, ask your child to explain how he solved the problem. His explanation may help you discover if he needs help with computational skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division or with the concepts involved in solving the problem.


Don’t provide the answers immediately. Giving the answers will not help your child. Learning mathematics is more than finding the correct answer. It is a process of solving problems and applying mathematical knowledge to new problems.

Learn the common reasons why some children do not do well for long structured questions.

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