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Parent-Child Heuristics Workshop

For Parents, SMART Excel regularly conducts previews into our programmes and workshops on various heuristics.

Are you WORRIED about the way your child is doing in Math?

Do you have TROUBLE TEACHING and UNDERSTANDING your child?

Do you feel that your child’s POOR ATTENTION span could be HOLDING THEM BACK from achieving more in their studies?

" Learn from Mdm Suhailah how she has helped many parents and improve students’ Grades from 30+ to 70 in their exams preparation! Also hear from other parents how they overcome their challenges on their children’s study habits. "

Come and see how this problem-solving tool has transformed thousands of students to breakthrough their Math score. More importantly, how this method will be able to do the same for your child as well.

Solving Heuristics

 using Model Drawing for Parents


  1. To able to see the child’s strength/weaknesses in solving word problem.
  2. To raise standards in mathematics by working closely with parents.
  3. To provide parents with a clear outline of the key features of mathematics teaching at school and center.
  4. To provide parents with materials that they can use at home to support children’s math development.
  5. Learn how to attempt the sums thus enable to guide your child on the various word problem.


We teach the correct and simple way to understand and draw Model Drawing for Parents who are clueless about the problem-solving.

An essential skill for busy parents these days, able to coach their children at home with their day-to-day mathematics assignments and school work.

Online Class

Solving Heuristics Using Model Drawing for Parents 

A FULL 4 WEEKS hands-on sessions with Mdm Siti; going through heuristics sums. As you get to know the steps to do, you will also discover the strength and difficulties which your child is facing in math.

The ability to visualize a problem goes a long way to solving it! The Model Approach to Problem-Solving was borne out of this fact. Go beyond conventional models and solve challenging problem sums fast with highly-efficient model techniques!

What’s In It For You

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Suhailah Attaimi

Suhailah Attamimi brings with her a wealth of expertise in teaching Primary Mathematics. She wrote several books to help students to solve Maths questions easily.

Now, on her own, she runs the Trusted Educational Center Smart Excel – Singapore, where she expands the learning to primary & secondary students and parents; English, Mathematics, Science & Malay. She has more than 20 years of experience coaching and helping students to score their best in PSLE and GCE O Level.

She has more than 25 years of experience coaching and helping students to score their best in PSLE and GCE O Level.

Smart Excel believes that finding the right tool at the right time can light an emotional spark within children so much so that it can motivate them to count more, read more, understand more, and experience learning joyfully.



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