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When you walk into a house where children are homeschooled, it often becomes apparent by the “homeschool décor”. There are piles of books on the floor, time-lines and artwork taped on the walls, and signs of experiments everywhere. Here are some ideas you can use to develop a learning environment without losing control of your home.

Well-stocked Library: A well-stocked library with classic books by authors like Mark Twain and Shakespeare in addition to some contemporary favorites is necessary. In order for your children to develop a love for reading, books must surround them. They must also see their parents reading. Place several full height bookshelves along the wall in the living room, den, or hallway and fill with them with books that you have purchased from the thrift store, garage sales, and online. In the beginning, you may have a few empty shelves, but you can fill them with pictures and figurines as well as books borrowed from the library that you change out every two weeks.

Computer Research: Any educational question your child might have can be answered quickly with an internet search. Therefore, you will need to make computers accessible to your children. You can put one or multiple computer centers in Armoires anywhere in your house. Alternatively, you can install a computer room if you have the space. Just remember to make sure your computers are in a place were the children’s internet activities can be monitored. In addition, install child safety programs on your computers to prevent them from seeing offensive material.

Art and Experiments: Create a place for your children to do art projects and perform experiments without worrying about making a mess. You can create a “messy workstation” in the garage or basement that can be cleaned up easily. If such as space is not available, give your children scheduled times once or twice a week when they can do their messy work in your kitchen. You can lay down sheets of plastic and tarps on those days and plan to eat out. When their masterpieces are complete, take the time to frame them and hang them on an art wall somewhere in your home. As new art and creations are developed, swap out old masterpieces for new ones.

Music: Get children into the habit of choosing music over television and movies. Play soft classic music in your home from the time you awaken and keep the television off until prime time if you can. If this makes your children miserable set a time when the music can go off and the television can go on and make the time later and later. In addition to playing music in the home, purchase or rent a piano or other musical instrument. Give your children every opportunity possible to learn to play the instruments.

Comfort: Mare sure your home has comfortable areas (other than their bedrooms) where your children can relax. There is really no need for wooden desks and tables when homeschooling. A big comfortable chair and a blanket is all they need when they are reading. When they are writing, a clipboard or kitchen table will suffice.

Source: http://www.hslda.org/

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