Chore charts can help keep your life organized, teach your child about responsibility and how to be a part of a family.

Any given moment in our lives can become a teaching moment, we simply have to take the time. This rule especially applies when we first introduce the notion of household responsibility to our children.

Here is a simple way to go about it:

A rule of thumb in our home is: “Sharing is Caring”. We share our toys, food, T.V. time and so on. We share everything, which also means sharing the responsibilities around the house. At the moment my son Zabir has 4 ‘jobs’. Making his bed, clearing his toys, setting the table and putting the dishes away.

My Rules Are:

  • Children should have anywhere from two to four household responsibilities.
  • Chores should be viewed as responsibilities and not as WORK.
  • Do not forget to show your appreciation and thank your child when they complete the task. A little bit of praise can go a long way.

Here are my top ten age appropriate chores for children.

  1. Setting up the table.
  2. Clearing the table.
  3. Putting the toys away.
  4. Making their bed.
  5. Help put the groceries away.
  6. Feed the pet.
  7. Putting the laundry in the hamper.
  8. Matching up clean socks and folding them. (Great math skill)
  9. Watering the plants. (Gross motor activity)
  10. Putting their tooth brush away and keeping a tidy bathroom.

I believe that children in their preschool years should have up to four household responsibilities.

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