P5 Revision (17 - 19 March 2021)

Instructions To Follow
  1. Install Xodo PDF Reader & Editor software (for windows) so you are able to type/write on the pdf file.
  2. Create a folder on your desktop 
  3. Name the folder P5 Revision.
  4. Save the study materials below, if you do not have the hardcopy.
How To Submit Your Work
  1. Click on to the Subject Folder.
  2. Upload your files in the folder labeled with your name. 
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  • Maths: 2pm – 330pm (1.5h)
  • Break: 330pm – 4pm
  • Science: 4pm – 530pm (1.5h)


Day 1: Whole Numbers
Day 2: Fraction 1
Day 3: Fraction 2
P5 Maths Folder


Day 1: Water Cycle


Day 2: Reproduction in Plants
P5 Science Folder

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