Many parents now are taking early action to slot their children in the Dec Bridging Class, and Register for 2019. When we opened up our Dec Bridging Class last week, many parents came to ask for more information and register their children for the 2019 Classes and Dec Bridging Classes.

Parents express their worry and concern of their children poor SA2 results, where the majority of the failing subjects are Math & Science. Not forgetting, there are parents who are also worried if their children are unable to maintain the Straight A+ in the coming year!

In Smart Excel, we always believe that in every student is capable of achieving success. It does not matter if before they been always getting D, or E, or even U grade. 

Study Ability Test for Your Child

English, Mathematics, Science & Malay – PSLE, NT, N, O Levels

We want to help your child to clear their doubts that have been blocking them to score their first ‘A’.

Hurry, message us to know more about this Weekly Classes.

Bridging Classes For Primary & Secondary

The importance & role of tuition has been featured on various media portals like:

“7 in 10 parents send their children for tuition: ST poll” – 4th July 2015

“Parents go for tuition to help their kids” – 8th January 2015

“Singapore-style tuition so popular in Hong Kong, even celebs sign their kids up” – 11th January 2016

“Parents take primary school maths classes” – 9th January 2015