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We also have Smart Exam Booster :

  • Exam Booster10 full weekly lessons of exam preparation
  • A thorough review of key topics
  • Extensive work with practice questions and answer techniques
  • Instructor exam tips and strategies
  • Exam Questions book ( Practice questions – Mock Exam Practice 1 – 8 ) | more

Bridging ProgIf your child’s current knowledge does not match the assumed knowledge for a level that your child is going into, this is the time to bridge their knowledge up to the required level in this Semester holiday at Smart Excel.

SMART Bridging Primary & Secondary (at new calendar year) Coaching is a complete Maths Problem Solving & Science Thinking Programme design to assist students who need additional pointers to clarify their doubts before going to their new year. | more

2019 InTakeEnglish, Maths, Science & Malay – PSLE, NT, N & O Levels (Weekly Classes)

 Based on Latest MOE Syllabus
 Progress Monitored
Small group (5 Students : 1 Tutor)
 Pictorial Concept Approach
 Develop Inquiry Skills
 Incorporates Problem Solving Skills
 80% of our Students Improved After 6 Months They Joined Us

We want to help your child to clear their doubts that have been blocking them to score their first ‘A’.


Hurry, message us to know more about this Weekly Classes.

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The importance & role of tuition has been featured on various media portals like:

“7 in 10 parents send their children for tuition: ST poll” – 4th July 2015

“Parents go for tuition to help their kids” – 8th January 2015

“Singapore-style tuition so popular in Hong Kong, even celebs sign their kids up” – 11th January 2016

“Parents take primary school maths classes” – 9th January 2015



P6 (SA1) 51% → PRELIM 75%

P6 Haqimi 2017, Radin Mas Primary School

P5 (SA2) 54% → Prelim 74%

Mdm Siti’s method of teaching has also proven to be very effective. Through her teaching, my son is now able to understand those concepts or methods which he was unclear of previously. He would also provide alternative methods in solving the questions which my son found it easier to understand.

Having only join SMART Excel in January 2017, his grades has improved significantly from 54 marks in P5 SA2 to 74% in P6 Prelim!

Both my wife and I are very happy with the marked improvement in grades. More importantly, she has helped my son regained his confidence in Mathematics!

Thank you very much Mdm Siti and SMART Excel for your guidance!

P6- Ahmad Irsyad (Prelim)

P6 Ahmad Yusoff 2017, Madrasah Irsyad Al Islamiah

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