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SINGAPORE EDUCATION | School Holiday Programme, is this the best way to fill our children’s holiday and how effective it can help them in their school and examination?

Watch full video  |  27th May 2015, DETIK @ Suria



 Develop Independent Learner   Customized to Individual’s Study Ability  Self-Learning and Advance Studying
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P6(SA1) 55 → PSLE ‘B’

My Mathematics teacher, Mdm Siti, was very dedicated and committed to teaching us, maximising the learning out of the four-hour lessons. The lessons were enjoyable and fun yet I learnt a lot from them. She encouraged me to be innovative and think out of the box while exploring the different approaches to the questions. Much to my pleasure, it worked and my grades improved! I truly feel grateful towards them. Thank you SMART Excel!


P6 Khasyfil 2016, Cantonment Primary School

P5(SA1) 55 → PSLE ‘A’  

Excellent! Well done SMART Excel! Farid enjoyed going to your classes and he will miss them indefinitely. He has gained deeper insight in Maths and made the subject easy to learn.

Thanks to your coaching and patience.
We wish SMART Excel all the best..


P6 Farid 2016, Loyang Primary School

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