At - A - Glance

Our Primary & Secondary School Programmes combine the best of subject mastery and skill development. Across English, Math, Science and Malay lessons, your child will be able to learn both subject-specific and general knowledge.

Progression through all 12 levels of primary school ensures that your child constantly learns more in terms of breadth and depth year on year.

Primary Subjects (Standard & Foundation)

Secondary Subjects (E/NA/NT)

Maximum Class Size

Graduated 2021 (Primary)

Our eager children have a real thirst for learning and our excellent staff team are committed and dedicated.

English 100%
Malay 100%
Mathematics 95%
Science 90%

Graduated 2021 (Secondary)

English 100%
Malay 100%
E Mathematics 94%
A Mathematics 85%
Science (Physics / Chemistry) 90%
Science (Chemistry / Biology) 87%



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