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during the upcoming PSLE Marking Days' School Break.

P5 Intensive Revision reinforce all major learning concepts & “best-practices” exam techniques to help your child to score flying colours for their End-Year Exams!

In this 6 hours of Intensive Revision session, we will prepare students the Key Focus area and Topics of SA2 / PSLE Maths. Students will also learn the critical exam techniques and skills to excel in examination. 

What Will Your Child Learn

P5 Mathematics (6hrs)

Subject Mastery

Strengthen your child’s understanding and practice questions on important mathematical concepts!

40 Practice Questions

Be exposed to a variety of PSLE-type questions and practise time-management skills so that your child can finish the paper and even have time to check for careless mistakes!

Most Commonly Made Mistakes & Misconceptions

Be aware of the most commonly made mistakes that can help your child secure up to 10 marks in the PSLE Mathematics Exam!

P5 Science (6hrs)

Subject Mastery

Summarised Notes with Concepts and Topic Specific Answering Techniques.

Experiments-Based Answering Techniques

Experimental Based Answering Techniques: Science is not only made up of topic-specific answering techniques, but also experimental-based questions. Master standard experimental based questions and secure marks in the Open-Ended Questions section.  

Emphasis on Open-Ended Questions

Curated Practice Questions to hone answering techniques for the open-ended questions section.

Focus on the Paper 2 Questions

Targeted revision of topics & concepts for Maths

Essential strategies to solve challenging Maths questions

Common errors made by students & pitfalls to avoid

Focus on Booklet B

Targeted revision of important topics & concepts for Science

Identifying keywords and learning effective answering techniques (CER Method)

Expert tips for acing the MCQ and open-ended sections of the Science paper

Programme Details

9.30AM - 11.00AM

Session 1: Mathematics

Session 1: Science

Session 3: Mathematics

12PM - 1.30PM

Session 2: Mathematics

Session 2: Science

Session 3: Science



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