Permanent Online Classes (OTC)

OTC is an Online Tutorial Class which help you to get continuous guidance for your GCE O Level subjects.

OTC is being established to help 3 categories of O Level students:

(1) Failing Students who want to Pass

(2) Passed students who want to score an A

(3) Students who already gotten their A and wanted an A*

What Will Your Child Get In OTC


Our specialised SMART EXCEL teacher will guide you "Step-by-Step" and ensure that you understand and your knowledge increased. Continuous guidance using our Special SMART Formula will help you change all your grades from FAIL to PASS!

(2) More Confidence to Answer the Examination Questions

In our OTC Class, you will learn and be exposed to the correct answering techniques. You will know how to Score FULL MARKS using the correct keywords, Key Elements and use of correct Formula. 

(3) Recorded OTC Lessons

Students may view all the recorded OTC lessons anytime.  Yes, students need not worry of missing out any lessons as all OTC classes will uploaded into SMART EXCEL student's portal to ensure you can view the lessons again. 

(4) Determination to SCORE O Level

You will be in Exclusive OTC Telegram group. In that group, your OTC friends and SMART EXCEL teachers will share class notes, progresses, motivation and many more. This will give you continuous moral and emotional drive to SCORE well in your O Level. 

─ If They Can, So Can You!

(5) Continuous Guidance

In the midst of Covid-19 intensify, you need not to worry school closure and missing lessons. SMART EXCEL OTC Classes will be conducted consistently to ensure you receive CONTINUOUS GUIDANCE to ACHIVE DAZZLING RESULTS!


Students are more focused and engaged during lesson

Non-disrupted learning in the comfort of your home

Shy students are more participative

Safe travelling time

Class Engagement

Students are able to engage with their teachers easily by raising their virtual hand if they have a question or typing in the chat.

Even shy students are able to participate more and share their views during the lesson.

Our teachers have also shared that students are more focused and engaged during the lesson.

Ease of Access

Learn in the comfort of your home and ensure that your child’s learning is not disrupted during this period.

You also save travelling time and transport cost! This results in more time to spend with your family and loved ones during this period.

Hard Copies of Worksheets

Like our actual classes, hardcopy of the worksheets will be provided, so that your child can participate and learn effectively.

We will be mailing the worksheets to you.



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