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SMART Essay Writing are an online classes for secondary students to raise their English Language proficiency through interactive and meaningful self-initiated activities. Your teens are able explore different aspects of Essay Writing, through our weekly Essay Writing Classes.

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Essay Writing is an important skill that your child can apply to his/her composition writing.
With our engaging classes and versatile learning resources made available, we guide your child to organise and express ideas that will captivate readers.

Learn more about our online classes that are designed in instilling desirable habits of thinking and writing.

What Will Your Child Learn

Through a step-by-step teaching approach, we demonstrate how your child can relate to real world situations, convert vague ideas into a composition that is complemented with evocative and captivating writing.

Find out how our class activities can support your child’s thinking and writing development.

1️⃣ Relate to Real World Situations and Develop Self-Expression Skills

By introducing various real world situations, we expand your child’s descriptive and expository skills. Through class discussions and use of sample excerpts, your child will develop the confidence to describe these hypothetical scenarios expressively.

2️⃣ Broaden Ideas with Personal Thoughts and Feelings

We encourage your child to express his/her own thoughts and feelings in relation to a given topic of discussion through frequent interactions. By doing so, your child can bring his/her stories to life and engage the reader effectively.

3️⃣ Organise Ideas into Well-Structured Composition

Most importantly, the process of brainstorming has to lead to coherent and organised writing. We demonstrate how your child can plan and write the Composition feasibly within a short period of time that matches the examination constraints.

Schedule & Price

Secondary 1-5

Every Friday, 730pm – 930pm

  • Module 1: 3 Mar – 5 May
  • Module 2: 12 May – 14 Jul
  • Module 3: 21 Jul – 22 Sep


  • $450 per module
  • 10 Lessons 
  • Softcopy Materials Included

Class Type

  • Online Class
  • 10 students (max) : 1 Tutor

Since 2011, We Have Helped Many Students Excel In Their Studies

S2E- Faiqqah, Madrasah Al Maariff Al Islamiah

S3E- Farid Irfan, Tanjong Katong Secondary School

S4NA- Nasrul Haq, Zhonghua Secondary School

P6- Noah Copsey, North View Primary School

S3E- Syed Amir, Bartley Secondary School

P6- Imrawn, Madrasah Al Irsyad Al Islamiah

Moment From The Class

Teaching Team

Our team of passionate teachers strives to provide the best learning experience to all students.
Teachers undergo training under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications periodically for continual improvement and to keep their skills and knowledge updated. With this, they are better able to engage our students by providing meaningful learning experiences in a student care environment.

Parents are also a part of our team as we believe that they are the first teachers of their children.
Our teaching team constantly seeks feedback from parents to further improve themselves.

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