Found our physical & online classes give great benefits and effective?

Thinking of having our quality lessons right at the comfort of your own home?

Do you wish to have customised learning that is especially tailored to your child's needs?

Experienced Teacher

No travelling time. Your child will have more rest and have her lessons on her suitable time and day. 

Opportunity for Pre-Learning

Your child will be prepared for early introduction to the next topic that will be covered in school.

Closely Monitored Progress

Your child’s progress will be monitored closely to ensure his improvement. 

If your child’s does not understand any topics taught in school, we will re-teach and re-enforce the learning till he understands it right.

Student Portal - More Practices & Study Materials

Frequent communication between the teacher and parents is important. This allow you to know how your child is progressing and how we can continuously improve your child better. 

Strategize & Customized For Better Learning

We teach according to your child’s ability needs, working on her strength as we build up on his weak areas.

1 FULL Year Customized Study Materials for Your Child

Like our actual classes, all hardcopy of the worksheets will be provided, so that your child can participate and learn effectively.

We will be deliver the worksheets to you.



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