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SMART Read! is a Guided Reading Programme support a comprehensive reading program by integrating differentiated small–group instruction, assessment, and independent practice.

Instructor begin by grouping students, then prompt, encourage, and confirm how students apply problem-solving strategies as they read.

Students will be heard and guided individually on their reading. Listening to a story told or read aloud well is a captivating experience.

What will your Child Learn?

✔ Strengthens speaking, listening, writing, reading and comprehension skills

✔ Increase their vocabulary

✔ Helps students appreciate the beauty and rhythm of language

✔ Enhances imagination and observation skills

✔ Improves critical and creative thinking skills

✔ Expands a student’s general knowledge and understanding of the world

✔ Develops positive attitudes towards books as a source of pleasure and information and helps to create life-long readers

✔ Builds community and a sense of belonging through the shared literary experience.

How Guided Reading Works

Before Reading


✔ Selects an appropriate text. 

✔ Introduces the story based on the experience and skills of the readers.



✔ Engages in conversation about the story.

✔ Notices information in the text

During Reading


✔ Observes the reader’s

✔ Interacts to assist with problem-solving.



✔ Reads the whole book or a unified part to themselves (softly or silently).

✔ Requests help when needed

After Reading


✔ Assesses children’s understanding of what they read.

✔ May engage children in extending the story through writing or more reading.


✔ Revisits the text at points of problem-solving as guided by the teacher.

✔ Engages in activities to extend or respond to the text

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