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Is your child always Fail to Understand the problem sums during exams?

Is he constantly facing Daunting Challenges that hinder him from scoring in his exams?

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As parents,

Are you tired of these non-stop problems?

1️⃣ Limited Subject Knowledge

Mathematics has various branches and topics, and parents may have limited knowledge or understanding in specific areas. This can make it challenging for them to assist their children with solving complex math problems or understanding new concepts.

2️⃣ Changing Teaching Methods

Teaching methods for mathematics may have evolved since parents were in school. New approaches, techniques, or problem-solving methods may be unfamiliar to parents, making it harder for them to support their children effectively.

3️⃣ Homework and Practice

Mathematics typically requires consistent practice to reinforce understanding and improve problem-solving skills. Parents may find it challenging to allocate time and ensure their children are completing math homework and practicing regularly.

4️⃣ Abstract Thinking

Mathematics often involves abstract thinking, which can be challenging for children to grasp. Parents may struggle to help their children understand abstract concepts and develop problem-solving strategies that require higher-level thinking.

And the list can go on …

The Problem Solving Strategies is a weekly guided session designed specially to teach the correct and simple way to understand and draw Model Drawing for Students who are struggling or clueless about the problem-solving.

An Essential Skill for Students - The ABILITY TO VISUALIZE a problem goes a long way to solving it! The Model Approach to Problem-Solving was borne out of this fact. Go beyond conventional models and solve challenging problem sums fast with highly-efficient model techniques!

At The Problem Solving Strategies, we understand the Various Concepts of Models to Solve Problem Sums. We have seen students struggle with limited knowledge and unable to complete their day-to-day school assignment and exams!

That is why we have prepared this LIVE guided sessions to equip your child with the Step-by-Step Guidance to Understand the Concepts and Strategies to overcome this challenge.

What Will Your Child Learn

Primary 3

The Primary 3 Math curriculum is designed to aid your child in transiting smoothly from the foundation skills acquired at Primary 1 & 2 to more analytical skills that the Upper Primary demands with the introduction of word problems.


  1. Whole Numbers
  2. Division
  3. Multiplication 
  4. Length & Mass
  5. Volume & Capacity
  6. Money
  7. Fraction
  8. Area & Perimeter

They will also be learning model drawing techniques to solve word problems involving comparison of multiple variables and before & after scenarios.

Primary 4/5F/6F

Primary 4 Math curriculum builds upon the P3 topics but with increased complexity.


  1. Whole Numbers Factors & Multiples
  2. Multiplication & Division
  3. Fraction
  4. Decimal
  5. Angle
  6. Time
  7. Area & Perimeter
  8. Symmetry

Students will also be taught the remainder concept and the units method to solve word problems involving, total unchanged, difference unchanged, single unchanged, difference, equal concept and excess and shortage.

Primary 5S/6S

The Primary 5 Math curriculum prepares the child for PSLE, equipping the child with a strong foundation of key concepts which will be tested during PSLE.


  1. Whole Numbers
  2. Division
  3. Multiplication 
  4. Length & Mass
  5. Volume & Capacity
  6. Money
  7. Fraction
  8. Percentage
  9. Ratio
  10. Area of Triangles
  11. Rate
  12. Average
  13. Volume
  14. Area & Perimeter

They will also learn to apply the unit method to solve questions that involve higher order thinking skills and advanced spatial visualization techniques to tackle composite shapes involving Area & Perimeter.

WEEKLY LIVE Coaching Sessions


The Problem Solving Strategies is a Weekly Coaching LIVE Sessions built on over 25 years of industry experience, a proven Method that has produced hundreds of success stories of students in Singapore.

We are proud of our ability to guide students like your child to Achieve Higher Scores and Continuous Academic Development. Here's what you'll find:

THE Problem Solving Strategies

Inner Circle Group for Primary School Students

What Your Child Will Get: 

  • Effective Study Strategies
  • Weekly LIVE Sessions by Mdm Siti
  • Weekly Assignment

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Don't let all these challenges stop your child from achieving his desired dreams. This is the time to realize your child's potential, build a successful and long-lasting math strategies in any situation.

Join our weekly coaching sessions and equip your child with the mathematical skills, knowledge and support needed to become a successful and independent learner!

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Who Is Mdm Suhailah

Suhailah Attamimi

Suhailah Attamimi brings with her a wealth of expertise in teaching Primary Mathematics. She wrote several books to help students to solve Maths questions easily.

Now, on her own, she runs the Trusted Educational Center Smart Excel – Singapore, where she expands the learning to primary & secondary students and parents offering English, Mathematics, Science & Malay.

She has more than 25 years of experience coaching and helping students to score their best in PSLE and GCE O Level.

SMART EXCEL believes to give the right tool at the right time can light an emotional spark within children so much so that it can motivate them to count more, read more, understand more, and experience learning joyfully.




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