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Focused on Academic and Holistic Development

Primary & Secondary School Subjects and Syllabuses

Primary & Secondary School students will be introduced to subject-based learning where they will learn subjects such as languages, mathematics, science, art, music and social studies. Learn more about the syllabus taught in the MOE classroom.

Primary Subjects

Secondary Subjects


Why They Choose SMART EXCEL

With a myriad of enrichment centres available in the market today, as parent or students, you are open to countless choices as to which enrichment centre caters the best to your needs. Naturally these questions come to mind, "Why your centre? What can your centre offer me and my child?"

The answer to that is -- Quality.

Our strength lies in the quality of our curriculum planning, proven customized teaching techniques and dedicated tutors/teachers.


Our materials, be it in the form of presentation slides or worksheets, are carefully crafted by our own full-time instructors. The experience they acquired and awareness of students’ strengths and weaknesses, ensure the effectiveness of each and every lesson.

All materials are revised and updated regularly. Syllabus-related materials are updated in close relevance to the MOE syllabus, along with reference to current school examinations. Our materials are consistently kept up-to-date by analyzing the style of past as well as recent competitions.

This ensures that our materials are not just challenging, but relevant to what your child should be learning in class.


Technology is an essential tool in simulating an optimum learning experience. At our centers, we have incorporated technology into Fusion Math and Syllabus classes with the use of interactive projectors and presentation slides.

Presentation slides are designed to complement worksheets and enable instructors to illustrate clear explanation through detailed steps and animations. No longer do instructors need to write out solutions on the board, which means your child will have more time to spend on learning,

These technological implementations streamline the learning progress and allow us to focus on the fundamentals of learning: making the class interesting and engaging.


Our passion for education originates from a strong team of core full-time teachers. Training workshops are conducted regularly to continuously update and refine our methodology. Our teachers are well-versed not only in their academic discipline but also in delivering content and knowledge effectively through technology.




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