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About SMART Care

SMART Care provides quality after-school student care services for primary school students. With an integrated programme focusing on academic and holistic development, we support your child by nurturing him/her towards becoming well-rounded future leaders.

At SMART Care, we believe that every child has unlimited potential and we want to bring out the best in him/her. Apart from providing a strong academic foundation, we also emphasise on character building to cultivating positive life values.

Why SMART Care

A second home, a cosy environment for your child to spend their after-school hours meaningfully

We provide in-house cooked meals (lunch and tea break) that are designed to encourage students to cultivate healthy eating habits.

Pick-up to and from our SMART Care can be arranged (within walking proximity). If you wish to use the Pick-up service please let us know during enrollment.

Books are picked out specifically to suit students’ interests across the different age groups and are updated regularly. This encourages students to adopt good reading habits.

We provide a conducive and safe environment like home that allows students to best learn in.

Strong focus on academic excellence and character development in a structured and conducive environment

We provide strong learning support to help all students keep track of their academic progress through:

On top of academics, we also offer character development programmes through sports, games and activities for students. Facilitated through our in-house enrichment, these programmes focus on the five qualities of character development – leadership, independence, time management, self-confidence and goal setting.

Flexi programme

We understand that unexpected situations may occur for our parents and students from time to time.

To help you get through this, we provide flexible programme terms through the following options:


At our After – School Smart Care programme, we provide the best possible start to your child’s learning journey.

We recognise every child as a unique individual, but we believe they share one common trait: they are born ready, able and eager to learn. With this in mind, we strive to provide a stimulating environment where your child can learn through self-mastery and exploration.

We encourage our students to be active, creative thinkers and confident learners.

Promotes independence and allows students to discuss and plan their day.

These are teacher directed activities including Supervised Homework and Study.

Free choice of activities including dramatic play, craft work or table work.

Reinforces self-help and social skills. Dining etiquette is also introduced. Students also learn about hygiene as they wash their hands before and after snacks.

Promotes group study and cooperation among students.

Includes indoor discussions, sharing and self-mastery.

We reinforce the need to be responsible for maintaining our environment. At the end of each activity we need to tidy up the class. It is also a good opportunity for students to learn to self-discipline, responsibilities and cooperate with each other.

A good time for your child to share with the adults and children what they have done for the day. It is also an opportunity for your child to speak in front of a group.

Holiday Workshops

Speak With Confidence
Explore Science
Little Chef
SMART Coding

Schedule & Fees

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Teaching Team

Our team of passionate teachers strives to provide the best learning experience to all students.
Teachers undergo training under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications periodically for continual improvement and to keep their skills and knowledge updated. With this, they are better able to engage our students by providing meaningful learning experiences in a student care environment.

Parents are also a part of our team as we believe that they are the first teachers of their children.
Our teaching team constantly seeks feedback from parents to further improve themselves.

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